Crowd funding = obsession

I find myself coming back to the computer much more than I should just waiting for the email saying we got another funder on  The watch pot never boils is a saying for a reason.  Got to quit obsessing.  SO happy and thankful for the people who have contributed to our biz in exchange for some very cool perks.  By the way, bourbon barrel art makes for quite unique gifts!  hint, hint

Art, bourbon barrels, bloody marys

From the Business Lexington…
“By investing in the arts, businesses gain media attention, leverage advertising dollars and earn brand recognition. Some businesses have chosen to provide support through active engagement with local arts organizations, volunteering time and lending their business expertise and leadership skills. Businesses are discovering that by contributing to the arts they can also support social causes in which the arts are integrally involved. The recognition given for business support typically feeds back across business functions from sales to employee recruitment and community relations. This enables businesses to support the arts as well as use the arts to meet business goals, expand markets for products, and engage employees.”

Want to read the whole article?  Here’s a link…

We went to the Kentucky Crafted Market yesterday to see what other artists are doing around the state.  Interesting.  Pottery, jewelry, glass are all very popular.  Too popular, it seems.  There were some very cool people hand forging and some very nice woodworkers but not one doing anything with bourbon barrels.  Nice.

If you have some free time, go to and check out Erin and her amazing Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker.  She’s got a little gold mine on her hands.

indiegogo is a go go

We just launched our crowd funding on and started a little facebook campaign tonight.  Very excited to get the word out and to see how people react.  

More Barrels

We just got 5 full barrels and 1 and a 1/3 disassembled (I always think of the movie Short Circuit when I say that) and 4 barrel heads.  The disassembled staves and heads are kind of moldy so they are going to be some work.  That makes 6 full and 2 and 1/3 that we can work with right away with the tools we have on hand.  Might take more time but at least we can get started. Our little garage is just that.  Little.

Update:  March 10 

We only have 2 full barrels left!  Will hopefully get more barrels next week.

Barrel Opening…much like Ft Knox…

It took about an hour to get the first barrel disassembled.  There’s a lot of pressure on them there barrel staves.  Our friend Brian, who is a home brewer, took the bourbon smoked charcoal left in the barrel to use in his next batch.  Can’t wait to sample that.  The whole garage smells like a distillery.  Quite lovely, actually.  But it’s a messy business.  Bourbon soaked charcoal everywhere.  And of course our dog, Coda, wanted to be right in the middle of everything.