Bluegrass Class Blog on our Smoker Chips

This is the blog about our Smoker Chips from Bluegrass Class helped us get placement in the Blue Fire Bar and Grill at the Hyatt Regency at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Ky.  The chips are scheduled to appear on their new menu starting the week of September 12th!  If you’re in the Lexington area, please stop by and tell Chef Chris Spera what you think!
MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2011  Bourbon Barrel Rehab

Hey Y’all,

I first want to say that I’ve had a hard time writing this piece for Bourbon Barrel Rehab. The reasons behind this problem are based solely on my writing abilities to comprehend what I’ve tasted the past two days. Having the privilege of meeting Jeff and Liz, the driving force behind the Louisville based company Bourbon Barrel Rehab, I have decided they have a very unique gift. The gift of barrel resurrection. 

When asked to review Bourbon Barrel Rehab, I was extremely excited of the fact I get to indulge myself in Kentucky culture such as the bourbon barrel. When I met Jeff and Liz, they immediately handed me two bags of Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chips right out of their collection. Being true believers of their product, I could tell I was in for something great. I was right.

Jeff explained exactly how to use the smoking chips and even told me what they have tried. Meats such as Brats, Hamburgers, grilled chicken, and even hot dogs, I was excited at my opportunities coming my way. The two choices that I thought would be wonderful were Red Snapper and Bison. Once the chips were in foil and on the hot coals, the fish went on. The aromatic response was immediate to those around me. The smell of the oak barrel and the bourbon that once spent most of it’s delicate life in that barrel was now fusing with the Red Snapper on the grill. The taste of the fish was amazing. The smoked bourbon taste wasn’t overwhelming, yet I knew it was there. The tastes were slightly sweet, yet had the smoked flavor that I love. Needless to say the Red Snapper was an instant favorite and didn’t last long at dinner.

With one more option to try, I wanted to stay with a lean meat such as Bison. My last bag of Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chips were prepared the same way as before and put on hot coals. Once the thick cuts of Bison were added and the cover closed, once again the aroma was something so wonderful you have to experience it yourself. The bison meat stayed on longer allowing more time with the bourbon barrel chips. When dinner was served, things got quiet at the dinner table. The taste was perfect. I could taste more of a smokey bourbon flavor than in the Red Snapper due to the length of time on the grill. I highly recommend these Bourbon Barrel Chips with both fish and bison. Needless to say, there was nothing left on any plate those two nights when cooking with the Bourbon Barrel Smoking Chips.

Having the pleasure to review Bourbon Barrel Rehab and their Smoking Chips, I can promise I will be a repeat customer. Jeff and Liz are great people and their love for the Commonwealth and our unique culture shows in all they do. Making art out of bourbon barrels is something all Kentuckians can appreciate and it’s something all Kentuckians envy. I can’t wait to cook again with Bourbon Barrel Rehab.

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Lexington Blogger Review of our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips

Lexington-based blogger, Bluegrass_Class, reviewed our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips.  Check out his blog, follow him on Twitter!  He liked us!  He really liked us!

McNasty Barrel Head, Custom Coat Racks & Other Misc. Photos

We just gave a custom barrel head to our friend, Shawn “McNasty” McWilliams, a Nashville-based drummer and husband to my best friend from high school, Tich McWilliams.  He cried when we gave it to him.  Love him and so proud to call him a friend and so happy that he liked his barrel head.

We also did some custom coat racks and Jeff installed them on the backs of doors and in bathrooms.  Very cool.  I’m not posting the photos of them installed because you just can’t see them well in the pictures.  But the photo is of them in our front yard.




Custom-sized Coat Racks

Lexington Chocolate Company makes the best Bourbon Barrel Fudge you have ever tasted!!

Just because I like pigs and seeing if anyone is paying attention

We had a great meeting with Lincoln Crum today! Love!! Check them out at  If you like buying local products, go see their website and see what all the fuss is about!

Ordering Online

We’ve been having some issues with Online Ordering.  If you have ordered online and not heard from us, please email us at and we will fix the problem ASAP.  Thanks and sorry for any delays.

Tweeting and blogging and smoker chips

We’ve entered a new phase!  We’re tweeting!  You can check us out on Twitter – bbrlouisville.  I have no idea how to link this and twitter but you can go to the home page and click on the link.  I just figured out how to upload a picture to twitter yesterday. Monday started with 42 followers and today we have 87!  Doubled our followers in 4 days!  Just need to keep that up!

I was also told last night that we don’t blog enough.  Huh?  Someone is actually reading this?!  Scary, but cool!  Hello Dale!

We are still refining the packaging on the Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips.  It’s been quite the process but we are making good progress.  If you’re interested in getting some chips before they are commercially available, I can hook you up!  

Have a great weekend!  (We’re heading to the Hwy 127 Yard Sale at some point this weekend.  If you’ve never experienced it, you should check it out someday.)

**Twitter Update**  Today is August 6th and we now have 113 Twitter followers!!  Yay!