Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips

We’ve been getting more restaurants to carry our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips!  Chefs are seeing the potential!  The flavor is uniquely Kentucky and not overpowering.  Each 5 gallon bucket has approximately 17 pounds of 100% used bourbon barrels ready for flavoring meats, veggies and fruit.  

A list of all of our restaurants is coming soon.  If you are a chef or restaurant or competition BBQ’er wanting to get an an edge  and interested in trying our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips send us an email and we’ll get you some sample chips.

Happy New Year and Recap of 2011!

What a great year it has been!  Jeff and I started this little business out of our garage (we’re still there but will soon have some real space) in February 2011.  We’ve dragged and rolled 125 pound barrels to art shows and burned hands and gotten more splinters than I even want to count but we’ve also made a lot of new friends and introduced a unique side of Kentucky to a people all over the country.  We couldn’t ask for more and are blessed beyond our expectations.  

For the new year we are focusing on restaurants for our Smoker Chip business and custom barrel heads for wedding guest books and making guitar stands for some pretty great people.   We are going to keep on keeping on and keeping ya’ll posted on w