Bourbon TV

We’re taping our first TV segment tomorrow!  Pretty exciting!  Jeff has never been on TV before so it should be interesting.  We will post information on the air date as soon as we get it.  If you’re in Louisville and have nothing to do from about noon to 2 stop by.  The Bourbon Lounge is taped in front of a live audience.  Reply or email us if you want more details!

The Bourbon Lounge TV Show!


As we mentioned a week or so ago on Facebook, we are going to be on TV!! If you’re not busy on February 23rd (and live in Louisville) come by Equus/Jack’s Lounge at 12:30 and be a part of the studio audience for The Bourbon Lounge! “Family and friends are welcome on set; we tape in front of a live studio audience so the more the merrier. Due to the nature of the show and city ordinances children should not be allowed on set.” Seating is limited so get there early! Can’t wait!!

Bourbon vs. Whisk(e)y

So what’s the difference?   Do we also use whiskey barrels?  What’s the difference between whiskey and whisky?

Here are some answers.  These links are both to wikipedia so take some of the info with a grain of salt but they are generally on the money.  And yes, we have whisky (or whiskey) barrels at times and even some wine barrels!