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From the Business Lexington…
“By investing in the arts, businesses gain media attention, leverage advertising dollars and earn brand recognition. Some businesses have chosen to provide support through active engagement with local arts organizations, volunteering time and lending their business expertise and leadership skills. Businesses are discovering that by contributing to the arts they can also support social causes in which the arts are integrally involved. The recognition given for business support typically feeds back across business functions from sales to employee recruitment and community relations. This enables businesses to support the arts as well as use the arts to meet business goals, expand markets for products, and engage employees.”

Want to read the whole article?  Here’s a link…

We went to the Kentucky Crafted Market yesterday to see what other artists are doing around the state.  Interesting.  Pottery, jewelry, glass are all very popular.  Too popular, it seems.  There were some very cool people hand forging and some very nice woodworkers but not one doing anything with bourbon barrels.  Nice.

If you have some free time, go to and check out Erin and her amazing Hoosier Momma Bloody Mary Maker.  She’s got a little gold mine on her hands.

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