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Been a good couple of weeks…

We haven’t posted in a while but we’ve been busy… Sturdy Stave Garden Bench Custom Double Stave Sign Custom Single Stave Sign Custom Bourbon Label Coat Rack with Porcelain Knobs Stave Lantern Holder & two different Double Stave Wine Racks Fun Japanese Lanterns Small Table Top Stave Wine Rack Custom Conspiracy Theory Coat Rack before […]

Crowd funding = obsession

I find myself coming back to the computer much more than I should just waiting for the email saying we got another funder on indiegogo.com.  The watch pot never boils is a saying for a reason.  Got to quit obsessing.  SO happy and thankful for the people who have contributed to our biz in exchange […]

Art, bourbon barrels, bloody marys

From the Business Lexington…“By investing in the arts, businesses gain media attention, leverage advertising dollars and earn brand recognition. Some businesses have chosen to provide support through active engagement with local arts organizations, volunteering time and lending their business expertise and leadership skills. Businesses are discovering that by contributing to the arts they can also […]

indiegogo is a go go

We just launched our crowd funding on www.indiegogo.com and started a little facebook campaign tonight.  Very excited to get the word out and to see how people react.  

More Barrels

We just got 5 full barrels and 1 and a 1/3 disassembled (I always think of the movie Short Circuit when I say that) and 4 barrel heads.  The disassembled staves and heads are kind of moldy so they are going to be some work.  That makes 6 full and 2 and 1/3 that we […]

Barrel Opening…much like Ft Knox…

It took about an hour to get the first barrel disassembled.  There’s a lot of pressure on them there barrel staves.  Our friend Brian, who is a home brewer, took the bourbon smoked charcoal left in the barrel to use in his next batch.  Can’t wait to sample that.  The whole garage smells like a […]

First Post!

Wow.  Starting a blog about the business.  I started a blog a couple of years ago about running.  Obviously, that didn’t go well.  I promise to do better this time.  Bourbon Barrel Rehab was born of the love Jeff and I have for Kentucky and its many layers of history and tradition.  One of our […]

Roll out the Barrels!!

We got the first 2 barrels last night!!  Thank you, indirectly, to Jim Beam!  They are huge and heavy and we will need a jack hammer to get them apart!!  We are definitely going to run out of room in this little one car garage quickly!   Our first order is for 2 lazy susans […]

Moving on…

Kickstarter.com sucks.  We didn’t get approved to use the site so we have turned to indiegogo.com, another crowd funding site.  More info as soon as we get that account set up.