Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips

We’ve been getting more restaurants to carry our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips!  Chefs are seeing the potential!  The flavor is uniquely Kentucky and not overpowering.  Each 5 gallon bucket has approximately 17 pounds of 100% used bourbon barrels ready for flavoring meats, veggies and fruit.  

A list of all of our restaurants is coming soon.  If you are a chef or restaurant or competition BBQ’er wanting to get an an edge  and interested in trying our Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips send us an email and we’ll get you some sample chips.

Tweeting and blogging and smoker chips

We’ve entered a new phase!  We’re tweeting!  You can check us out on Twitter – bbrlouisville.  I have no idea how to link this and twitter but you can go to the home page and click on the link.  I just figured out how to upload a picture to twitter yesterday. Monday started with 42 followers and today we have 87!  Doubled our followers in 4 days!  Just need to keep that up!

I was also told last night that we don’t blog enough.  Huh?  Someone is actually reading this?!  Scary, but cool!  Hello Dale!

We are still refining the packaging on the Bourbon Barrel Smoker Chips.  It’s been quite the process but we are making good progress.  If you’re interested in getting some chips before they are commercially available, I can hook you up!  

Have a great weekend!  (We’re heading to the Hwy 127 Yard Sale at some point this weekend.  If you’ve never experienced it, you should check it out someday.)

**Twitter Update**  Today is August 6th and we now have 113 Twitter followers!!  Yay!