First Post!

Wow.  Starting a blog about the business.  I started a blog a couple of years ago about running.  Obviously, that didn’t go well.  I promise to do better this time. 

Bourbon Barrel Rehab was born of the love Jeff and I have for Kentucky and its many layers of history and tradition.  One of our favorites is Bourbon.  Jeff is a budding Bourbon connoisseur and I am not a fan (thanks to tasting mash at Heaven Hill Distilleries on a field trip in school and overindulging at too many UK football games in college).  Kentucky boasts The Kentucky Bourbon Trail as well as an Urban Bourbon Trail in Louisville.  (A group of us did the UBT in about 6 hours in one evening.  Great time but it got a little ugly at times, to say the least.)  Our love of Kentucky and Bourbon and more recently recycling is how we ended up here.

Our journey began a couple of months ago but has really been a focus since the beginning of the year.  We are to the point where we need a little funding to get us off the ground.  Traditionally venues aren’t really an option so I began searching the internet.  I found a place called that very well could be our kickstart for real.  We will be putting our little project on the site this week and hopefully we will be more than successful.  Fingers crossed and prayers out.