I normally don’t get involved in Facebook conversations or comment on the state of affairs but hearing about Wild and Woolly Video closing and the fact that nobody is talking about it just a week later struck a nerve. I’ve been to WWV a few times but won’t pretend that I was a customer the main reason being that I haven’t owned a VCR or DVD player in years! Their few and far between commercials alone made me a fan.

The store is closing, not because they are losing money but because sales have been declining for years and it’s better for him to get out while he’s ahead and change his career. There were literally hundreds of comments from people saying “NOOO!” “So sad!” “WWV was one of the things that made the Highlands The Highlands.” It is sad that another local business is closing. Extremely sad. I’m just wondering how many of the hundreds of people that commented actually patronized WWV in the last year. If ever one of those people had gone in there and rented a video just once in the last year this may not be happening. ear X-tacy might still be open if those same people had bought a few records or cds.

Then there is Regalo Gifts closing their Barret Ave store and protests in front of Lynn’s Paradise Cafe that has been closed for 2 years.

So many of our friends are local, small business owners, are self-employed or are local musicians. The list is too long to tag everyone in so please tag yourself if you are a local business owner, work in a locally owned/operated business, self employed, etc.

All of these people are out there scraping and scrounging to make their businesses successful. Most don’t have investors, connections to get government funds or local media coverage to help them. They are relying on their wits, blood, sweat and tears to make it.

I pray that we can keep our little Louisville based small business alive and thriving! So please, don’t just “like” our FB pages and posts, get out there and support those businesses by purchasing their products and services. Show us that you “like” us buying local each and every day!