Stave States and Shapes

Hello!  We haven’t blogged in a long while but we’ve been so busy working on new products!  Here they are! Stave states and shape signs made from the staves (the long slats of wood that comprise the barrel) of authentic used bourbon barrels.  For the moment but we only have permission to share the photograph of the Kentucky but we’ve got a few other states in the works and someone even wants us to do Australia!  The Fleur de Lis is the perfect size for your front door or porch.  Just add a bow for the different holiday approaching and you have a year round bourbon love reminder.

They are available on our products page but please remember that shipping & handling charges are NOT included in the price.  Email us and we can get you estimates or if you are in the Louisville, KY area you can pick up or we can deliver for a small fee.

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