What’s coming up…

We’ve got some cool things coming up in the next few weeks.  And a lot of it has to do with weddings!  Really?  Bourbon barrels and weddings?  Absolutely!

We are doing a barrel head for our friends Beau and Anessa with the date of their wedding burned into it.  It will be at their reception where everyone attending will sign it for the happy couple.  We’re doing another barrel head for a reception for James and Liz in October.   It makes a great keepsake and a very unique Kentucky present.  (As soon as we have photos we’ll post them.)

A great couple in Alabama contacted us about a barrel head but this time the groom’s cake will be placed on the barrel head!  Turns out the groom is originally from the Lawrenceburg area and wanted to have a little bit of his heritage represented.  How cool is that?!   

We have a couple of other things in the works but I can’t get into detail quite yet.  Stay tuned…

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